Recommendations below are based upon OnSeason K9 nutrient levels and quality. If you would like to sign up for our monthly nutrition package and receive food each month automatically, and at a discount, simply review the suggestions below, and select the amount of bags per month. Even replacing 1/3 of your dog’s current diet with OnSeason K9 food can substantially increase its health and wellness.

1.5% Weight

3/4 Cup Per Meal

Little More Than 1.5 Cups Per Day
Little Less Than 1 Bag Per Month

2% Maintain Weight

1 Cup Per Meal

2 Cups Per Day
1.25 Bag Per Month

3% Significant Weight Gain

Little More Than 1.25
Cups Per Meal

Little Less Than 3.25 Cups Per Day
Little More Than 1.75 Bags Per Month


RAW meats are just that–RAW. They are not over-processed or cooked which means active nutrients are fully utilized by a pet’s digestive system. Dogs and cats are natural carnivores; the essential nutrients they thrive on come from other animals. When carnivores consume another animal, they eat the meat, organs, some bone, and trace amounts of plant material from the animal’s digestive tract. These are the components of nature’s ideal meal. A RAW meat diet replicates this natural food chain to create the perfect complete and balanced meal for our pets.


Serve the best food for our dogs treating every dog we feed as our very own. The stronger the body, the stronger the mind!  This statement holds true for both humans and our four-legged friends.  To maintain a strong body, we must eat the healthiest foods.  In the dog world, this means eating a RAW diet.  We take our job seriously and know you have many choices when feeding your dog.  Buy OnSeason K9 Nutrition not just because it’s the best damn food for your dog, but because your dollar transcends beyond our company and onto various non-profit organizations within your community.


Everything we do is done with honor, commitment, and character. We uphold the highest values and choose every day to be about the mission and making a positive impact in our world. At OnSeason K9 Nutrition trust we are always about people and our dogs, never about profits.


Rescuing homeless dogs and healing homeless veterans. A veteran owned and operated non-profit organization focused on saving dogs on the verge of being euthanized. Their operation is ran by homeless veterans helping them to find purpose and integration back into society with the unconditional loving dogs only know to give.


Rather than being forced to support an organization that is hundreds of miles away, we want to help improve your community. It’s for this reason that we allow you to choose any 501.3c charity you would like when you make your purchase. Simply enter their name, and we will work to donate a portion of your order to them!